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                                                                                                   20-009 09/19/90

                                           RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING THE
                                     OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE COUNCIL OF ELDERS

     WHEREAS, the Board of trustees of Oglala Lakota College have determined that the Lakota language, history,
     culture, and philosophy warrant further consideration in carrying out the institutional mission; and

     WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees have further determined that, based on their knowledge and wisdom, Lakota
     elders are a valuable resource in all aspects of Lakota life-language, history, culture, philosophy; and

     WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees intend to bring this knowledge and wisdom to bear on the institutional mission
     by establishing a Council of Elders on the basis of life-time appointments; and

     WHEREAS, said Council of Elders will be available to the entire Oglala Lakota College community-boards,
     administrators, faculty members, staff, students-for advice and consultation on both professional and
     personal matters; and

     WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees have decided that said council of elders would best work directly with the
     Oglala Lakota College President and Vice Presidents in furthering the institutional mission;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees of Oglala Lakota College hereby establish the
     Oglala Lakota College Council of Elders to be appointed on a life-time basis; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees hereby direct the Oglala Lakota College President to
     establish the operational terms and conditions of the Council of Elders, appoint members according to the
     terms and conditions, and allocate sufficient resources to ensure an effective operation of the Council.

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