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 BOT 2/24/82, 3-22-07, 06-23-11

A.	Purpose
1.	The purpose of the District Boards is to provide oversight in the operations of the 
District College Centers and to ensure that the District College Center is meeting 
its obligations for complying with the College?s mission statement and strategic 
B.	Policy
1.	Powers and Rights of Local Boards
a.	Each district board shall see that course schedules are determined by Center 
Directors in collaboration with the Instructional Division and the Registrar 
based on student enrollment and degree requirements.
Center Directors shall keep local boards informed about the scheduling 
process and final course schedule. 
b.	Local Boards shall act as grievance committees involving students according 
to outlined procedures.
To protect the rights of all involved, steps in the grievance procedure are laid 
out in the Student Handbook.  Situations normally covered in disputes to be 
arbitrated by the local boards consist in cases of student misconduct and 
disputes between students. Local Board also hear student appeals on 
academic suspension as laid out in the student handbook.  Local boards do 
not have the power to evaluate a student?s academic performance, to award 
grades or to change grades given by an instructor.  Should a dispute arise in 
this area, it will be handled by an academic committee with the appropriate 
professional credential to judge the student?s work
c.	Local Boards shall recognize and give approval to official student 
organizations of the college and receive on the expenditures of student 
organization funds by District Staff.
Student organizations should submit by-laws for approval to the local board.  
The board shall make sure they operate according to these by-laws. In 
addition to funding provided to Student organizations through student fees,  
Student organizations can raise additional funds through fund raising so far 
as possible. Individual district board By-Laws shall make a representative of 
the student organization a board member.
d.	Local Boards shall recommend the hiring of all full-time staff members 
employed solely for the district center operations, and may evaluate the 
Center Director which will become a recommendation to the College 
President. If a relative of a Local Board members applies for a college 
position, the Board member must remove himself from the deliberation as 
provided for in 61-420. In the event more than one Local Board member has 
a relative applying for a position, selection shall be referred to a committee at 
Piya Wiconi as provided for in 61-420.
It is within the local board?s discretion to recommend their full-time employees 
for one to three year contracts as outlined in the personnel policies and 
e.    The Local Board shall receive reports of staff activities.
The College Center Director in each district shall attend all local board 
meetings, unless the board specifically excuses him/her and keep the board 
informed at all times of the overall operation, problems and needs of the 
center. Local boards shall have the right to set priorities, deadlines, and goals 
for all local center staff within their job descriptions.
f.	Local boards shall receive a monthly report of the expenditures and the Fiscal 
Office?s BER for the District College Center.  

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