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                                                      BOT 12-15-06, 3-22-07, 06-23-11, 11-19-13

                               DISTRICT BOARDS BY-LAWS (POLICY)
                                    ARTICLE  I  -- NAME

The name of the college organization shall be known as                          Local 
District Board.

                                    ARTICLE II – PURPOSE

The purpose of the Local Board shall be to provide oversight in the operations of 
the District College Centers and to ensure that the District College Center is 
meeting its obligation for complying with the College’s mission statement and 
strategic plan.

                         ARTICLE III – POWERS AND DUTIES  (See 21–003)

Section  1.   The District Board shall have the following powers and duties:
               a.   Shall see that course schedules are determined by Center 
                    Directors in collaboration with the Instructional Division and 
                    Registrar based on student enrollments and degree 
               b.   Act as grievance committee involving students, and hearing 
                    student appeals of academic suspension
               c.   Recognize and approve District Student Organizations along 
                    with receiving reports on the expenditures of student 
                    organization funds from District Staff.
               d.   Make recommendations for the hiring of District staff to the 
                    President and may evaluate the Center Director which 
                    becomes a recommendation to the College President.
	       e.   Shall receive reports of staff activities.
	       f.   Shall receive monthly reports of District expenditures and Fiscal 
                    Office’s BER for District College Center.
	       g.   The District Board serves at the policy decision level and no in 
                    the day-to-day administration of the District Center. 
	       h.   Executive powers delegated by the Board of Trustees from 
                    time to time.
	       i.   Individual board members have no powers over the District 
                    Center and its affairs outside of a scheduled meeting of the 
                    board unless so designated by action of the board and duly 
                    recorded in the minutes of the board. 

                                   ARTICLE IV – COMPOSITION

Section  1.   The District Board shall consist of five members elected or appointed 
              in the following manner:	

              A.   Three members shall be elected for staggered terms of 
                   four years each by members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe 
                   qualified to vote in the district during the general election. 
                   No member can be an immediate family member of 
                   another board member and no member can be an 
                   immediate family member of the district college center 
                   staff. Immediate family members are grandmother, 
                   grandfather, mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, 
                   son, daughter, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle and 
              B.   One member shall be a student appointed for a one-year 
                   term by the Student Organization of the district.
              C.   One member shall be the Board of Trustees member 
                   serving that capacity from the district.
              D.   No member shall serve who is related (father, mother, 
                   brother, sister, spouse, son or daughter, niece or nephew, 
                   aunt or uncle) to a member of the District Board in which 
                   the Director is serving or to a member of the Board of 
                   Trustees. The grandfather clause shall effect until the next 
                   election of the Local Board member should such a situation 
                   at the time these by-laws are approved. 
Section  2.   Any elected member may be removed for cause by a majority of 
              the electorate of the district either through written petitions or recall 
              election.  A member, also, may be removed for cause by a 2/3 vote 
              of the Board of Trustees.
Section  3.   A member missing three (3) consecutive regular meetings without 
              an adequate reason will be terminated.
Section  4.   The Local District Board with the approval of the Board of Trustees 
              shall fill any vacancy on the District Board created by the death, 
              resignation or removal for cause or any other cause. A member 
              who fills a vacancy shall serve until the next general election.  At 
              the next general election the electorate will elect a person to fill the 
              unexpired term.

                                     ARTICLE V – COMPENSATION

Members of the District Board shall serve with compensation.  Mileage will be 
provided to only those Local Board Members who live outside the city limits.  
Expense limits shall be established by the main board.

                                    ARTICLE VI – ORGANIZATION

Section  1.  Officers – The officers of the District Board shall be a president, 
secretary/treasurer, and a vice-president who shall be elected from the 
membership of the board.

Section  2.  Annual Meeting – The officers shall be elected at the first meeting 
following the general election.

Section  3.  President’s Duties – It shall be the duty of the president to preside 
over all meetings of the board and to carry out orders of the board.

Section  4.  Vice-President’s Duties – It shall be the duty of the vice-president to 
perform all duties of the president in the absence of the president and shall 
assume the presidency in the event of a vacancy in that office.

Section  5  Secretary/Treasurer Duties – It shall be the duty of the 
secretary/treasurer to record, announce and maintain a record of all meetings 
and to monitor monthly expenses and budget balances.

Section  6  Meetings – Local Board meetings may be held once a month or as 
determined by the Board President and Center Director.

Section  7  Special Meetings – Special meetings may be called when needed by 
the president or any 3 members of the board.

Section  8.  Meeting Notice – Regular meetings shall be established at the 
annual meeting of the board.  If a special meeting is called or a regular meeting 
is rescheduled a 48 hour notice of the meeting date, time and place shall be sent 
to each member.

Section  9.  Quorum – Three members shall constitute a quorum in transacting 

Section  10.  Rules of Order- The local board shall follow Robert’s Rules of 
Order, Revised.

Section 11.  Minutes – A written record shall be made of all board meetings.  
Copies of the minutes shall be sent to the college Executive Vice-President’s 
Office within 48 hours after being typed.  A copy of the board minutes shall be on 
file in the District Director’s Office for public inspection during regular office 

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