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                                                               2/24/82, BOT 11-17-2009, 07-31-16

                                ARTICLE 6 - VOTING
                       VOTING METHOD AT MEETINGS (POLICY)

Action by Majority Vote. Except as otherwise expressly required by law or these by-laws, 
the act of a majority of the trustees present at a meeting at which a quorum is present 
shall be the act of the Board of trustees. The Board President has full voting rights in all 
Board matters.

Voting and Hiring on Personnel Selections that Involves an Immediate Family Member of 
a Board Member. If an Immediate Family Member as definded in OLCís Nepotism Policy 
of a Trustee member applies for a college position, the Trustee member must remove 
himself from the deliberation and selection of an Immediate Family member applying for 
a college position. The voting on the selection maybe by secret ballot. 

Voting Proxy Voting Not Allowed. The Board of Trustees will not allow proxy voting, and 
no one other than Board members will be allowed to vote on issues before the Board 
meeting. However, as stipulated in the charter, the tribal Chairman may send his 
representative who will have full voting rights. (Paragraph 10)

Action by Consent. Unless restricted by the Charter of Incorporation, any action required 
or permitted to be taken by the Board of Trustees or any committee thereof may be 
taken without meeting if all members of the Board of Trustees or said committee, as the 
case may be, consent thereto in writing , and the writing or writings are filed with the 
minutes of the proceedings of the Board of Trustees or such committee, as the case 
may be. (Paragraph 15)

REFERENCE: OLC By-Laws, Article II as cited above

It is the intention of the Board to strive for consensus on all issues.


Robertís Rules of Order shall be followed at all meetings of the Board.


All meetings of the Board shall be open to the public except that the public or any person 
may be excluded from a meeting for unduly interfering with the orderly conduct of 
business, or except during meetings at which personnel issues are being discussed and 
the Board determines shall be closed or when the Board determines it should meet in 
Executive Session.


It is the intention of the Board to hold open meetings and not go into Executive Session 
unless it is discussing sensitive issues, which could be harmful to someoneís reputation. 
No action can be taken in Executive Session.

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