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                                                                                                   22-012 02/24/82

                               MINUTES OF BOARD MEETINGS -BOOKS OF RECORD (POLICY)

     1.  Books and Records. There shall be kept at the principal office of the Corporation correct books of
         account of all the business and transactions of the Corporation.

     REFERENCE: OSCC By-Laws, Article VI

     The President shall be responsible for designating a recorder to take minutes of Board meetings and shall be
     the custodian of official Board minutes.

     The minutes of the meetings of the Board shall include:

         1.  The Classifications (regular, adjourned, or special), date and place of meeting;
         2.  The call to order stating time, person presiding and his office;
         3.  The record of the roll call of Board members;
         4.  A notation of the presence or absence of the President and a notation of other staff member and
             visitors present;
         5.  A record of any corrections to the minutes of the previous meetings and the action approving them;
         6.  A record of all communications presented to the Board;
         7.  A record of the hearing of all petitions of citizens;
         8.  A record of any report of Board members or staff members;
         9.  A record of each motion placed before the Board including the member making the motion and the member
             seconding, if any. On motions requiring other than majority of those present for passage, the ayes
             and nays shall be recorded by name; and,
         10. Special marking to indicate policy matters.

     The minutes shall be permanently filed and indexed for reference purposes.

     An unofficial copy of the minutes of a Board meeting shall be mailed to each board member no later than two
     weeks after each meeting. Corrections should be brought to the President's attention by the agenda closing
     date preceding the next regular meeting. Any disputed corrections will be verified by the board secretary
     prior to the time of the meeting.

     All reports requiring Board action, resolutions, agreements, and other written documents may be made a part
     of the minutes by reference, and if so, shall be placed in the system as a permanent record.

     Records of the Board meetings are considered public documents and may be inspected during regular office

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