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                                                                                                   22-013 07/30/82

                                        BOARD MEETING ATTENDANCE (POLICY)

     A.  Purpose - The Board of trustees govern the affairs of Oglala Lakota College. In order for the
         administration of the college to be carried out effectively and efficiently, the Board must meet
         regularly and timely to make the necessary and appropriate decisions. Delays in the Board decision-making
         process serve only to cause delays in the administrative process of the college and may in fact
         jeopardize administrative decisions, which have definite time constraints. It is unfair for those Board
         members who do show up for scheduled meetings only to find a lack of quorum. Time and resources in terms
         of Board members, staff members and the college as a whole are wasted in these cases.

     It is with these thoughts in mind and the idea of maximizing Board efficiency, that the Board of Trustees has
     established the following policy to govern attendance at scheduled meetings.

     B.  Policy - Existing policy states that regular meetings shall be held once a month. The time and place are
         established at each meeting for the next meeting. Changes in the regular meeting date are sometimes
         necessitated and are arranged upon agreement of the Board. Special meetings are scheduled as needed. It
         is within the scope of this policy that the following attendance requirements are established.

         1.)  There will be a waiting period for each scheduled meeting beyond which Board members and staff
              members are excused to go home in the event there is no quorum. This waiting period shall be 1 hour
              from the established beginning time for the scheduled meeting.
         2.)  In the event there is no quorum, Board members present shall be credited with attendance, one-half
              of their regular stipend and mileage. Board members absent without just cause will be credited with
              1 absence toward the maximum number of allowable unexcused absences. Three unexcused absences within
              a one-year period will constitute ground for removal.
         3.)  Board members unable to attend a scheduled meeting shall notify in advance the Board Chairperson,
              College President or designated representative giving reason for non-attendance.
         4.)  The above policy also applies to committee meetings.

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