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                                                                            23-001    2/24/82


A.   Purpose of the Manual

   1.   The Policy and Procedure Manual has been developed to facilitate 
        communication, understanding and self-appraisal with the Oglala Lakota College. 
        These values should continue as the guiding force for policy setting and updating 
        on a continuous basis. It is emphasized that devices such as the Manual cannot 
        replace the humanistic aspect of decision-making. Rather, it supports the 
        process through realistic objectives. What the Manual attempts to do is:

        a.   Establish Board objectives
        b.   Establish norms and standards
        c.   Provide direction
        d.   Fix and clarify roles and responsibilities
        e.   Establish lines of authority and relationships
        f.   Promote efficiency of operation
        g.   Save time, money and effort
        h.   Facilitate communication
        i.   Reduce conflict and promote high morale
        j.   Reduce criticism and provide factual data
        k.   Promote equitable and orderly procedures
        l.   Assist in accountability and evaluation

It is felt that this Policy and Procedure Manual will help facilitate all of these objectives 
and will prove to be a useful instrument in the operation of the Oglala Lakota College.

B. Policy

   1.	The orderly growth of the Oglala Lakota College administration, its centers and 
        programs is reliant on practices and policies, which are consistent with tribal and 
        community aspirations and the mission and goals of Oglala Lakota College. OLC 
        recognizes that its growth has outpaced policy development. Therefore, this 
        manual is developed to provide a consistent and orderly framework for present 
        and future policy needs, providing a general format for policy implementation.

   1. 	OLC shall maintain a Policy and Procedure Manual consistent with its 
        institutional charter, goals and objectives.  Conflicts between the Policy  and 
        Procedure Manual and the institutional charter and by-laws is  always resolved in 
        favor of the institutional charter and by-laws.

   2. 	The Policy and Procedure Manual is to be developed to enhance overall 
        decision-making processes, but recognizes that the ultimate authority for policy 
        determination rests in the Board of Trustees and the Charter.

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