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                                     EVALUATION OF COLLEGE UNITS (PROCEDURE)


     1.  The President designates and defines units for evaluation in conjunction with his staff.

     2.  Each Vice President meets with his/her unit heads in order to develop measurable and impressionistic
         criteria for evaluation of each unit within the context of divisional goals and objectives.

     3.  The Vice President develops an evaluation plan for his/her division, which includes the criteria for each
         unit, participation by staff members and the collection of supportive data.

     4.  The President approves the evaluation plan from each division and the process is implemented.  Unit
         heads, in conjunction with staff members, collect data and develop conclusions consistent with the
         criteria for evaluation.

     5.  The Director of Institutional Development assists in the compilation of data for evaluation purposes and
         advises unit and divisions heads in the continuing self-evaluation process.

     6.  At a time specified by the President, division heads present the combined unit evaluations of their areas
         of responsibility.

     7.  The President presents the combined report to the Board of Trustees with recommendations for remediation,
         change, or continuation.

     8.  Evaluations become a basis for planning the goals and objectives for the succeeding year.


     1.  The President should assure that the schedule of unit evaluation is consistent with college activities.

     2.  It is the intent of the evaluation process for each unit to conduct a self-study annually, which can be
         used for the continued growth of each unit's effectiveness.

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