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                                       EVALUATION OF COLLEGE UNITS (POLICY)

     The Board of Trustees recognizes that the evaluation of the various units of the College is necessary in
     order to fulfill the mission of the College. The President is responsible for assuring evaluation of each
     unit of the College and coordinating the utilization of evaluations for planning purposes.

     Evaluations will consider the following areas:

     1.  Does the evaluated unit meet its objective?

     2.  Does the evaluated unit provide cost-effective service?

     3.  Are facilities, resources and personnel sufficient for the unit to meet assigned tasks? Can assigned
         tasks be met with fewer resources and personnel?

     4.  Does the unit need to continue to exist?

     5.  What measurable indices of the effectiveness of the unit exist?

     6.  What would make the unit more effective/efficient?

     7.  What follow-up data exist to demonstrate effectiveness?

     8.  How does the unit support the mission and goals of the college?

     9.  A provision for student evaluations of all units.

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