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                                                                                                 38-000-1 02/22/05

                                     Strategic Planning Calendar (Procedure)

     The strategic planning subcommittee of the Institutional Development Committee has the standing charge in
     bylaws to review and recommend changes in the strategic plan.  It also reviews and recommends long-range
     goals and objectives.

     Time Line:

     Year 1 - August:
     Strategic plan distributed for input at first (or second) all staff.
     Divisions and Work teams develop action plans for the current academic year and each employee completes
     individual work expectations based on work team annual plans.
     Fall Semester Assessment Report due in the Assessment Office.
     Work Teams meet monthly to review data, research solutions, monitor action plans.
     Continue working the annual plan.
     January to April:
     Review assessment data and propose modifications/additions to Strategic Plan.
     Review of accomplishments within work teams.  Summary of assessment results due in assessment office.
     End of academic year reports due to division heads.
     Division reports presented to BOT
     Strategic plan reviewed/revised by BOT/Administration in line with accomplishments and assessment results.

     Year 2 - August:
     All Staff Planning meeting to share input from BOT/Administration.
     Setting of priorities for coming year.  Strategic plan distributed to all staff.

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