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                                                                                        Policy # 38-100
                                                                                 BOT 08-22-13, 01-16-14


In order to enhance and strengthen the programmatic and administrative processes at Oglala Lakota 
College (OLC) this policy for the Establishment of a Comprehensive Institutional Effectiveness Process is 
enacted. Key provisions are:

1.   The College shall require all academic and administrative units to engage in a deliberative 
     process of planning, evaluation, and use of evaluation data to improve policies and practices.
2.   All College units shall develop long range strategic plans, which consist of vision and mission 
     statements, SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), and goals that 
     are aligned with the strategic goals of Oglala Lakota College.
3.   All College units shall develop annual action and budget plans, including assessment of student 
     learning outcomes, which are aligned with their unit-level strategic plans.
4.   OLCís Office of Institutional Assessment & Research shall have the primary responsibility for 
     facilitating and monitoring the institutional effectiveness process.
5.   In conjunction with the Academic Vice-Presidentís Office, the Office of Institutional Assessment 
     & Research shall determine appropriate timelines and determine other necessary and related 
     tasks and activities to accomplish the goals of this policy.
6.   The Assessment Committee shall play an integral role in the evaluation process of OLCís 
     institutional effectiveness.

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