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                                                                                   BOT 05-21-15, 09-21-17

                                  Oglala Lakota College
                          Document Retention and Disposition Policy

The Document Retention and Disposition Policy and Procedure identify the record retention 
responsibilities of staff for maintaining and documenting the storage and destruction of the 
organizationís documents and records. This policy and procedure provide for the systematic review, 
retention, and disposition of documents and records received, created, or maintained by Oglala Lakota 
College, and they support the operational, administrative, and legal expectation of the institution. By 
following this policy and procedure, College operations will be facilitated by increased efficiency, 
protection of the Collegeís interests, and the maximization of the available storage space.
This Document Retention and Disposition Policy and Procedure do not apply to Library or Archival 

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