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     Policies and Procedures Manual
     Last Update: December 23, 2005

     Section 30-39: Administration (Text)

     This section includes the organizational Structure of  Oglala Lakota College and the roles and 
     functions of OLC's top administrators and procedures of administrative units.
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[TXT]37-000.txt09-Jan-2006 20:06 1.2KEvaluation of College Units (Policy)
[TXT]37-000-1.txt09-Jan-2006 20:09 1.8KEvaluation of College Units (Procedure)
[TXT]38-000.txt09-Jan-2006 20:11 583 Institution Wide Strategic Planning (Policy)
[TXT]38-100.txt18-May-2016 10:29 1.7KInstitutional Effectiveness (Policy)
[TXT]36-000.txt05-Jan-2007 09:40 883 Manual Maintenance (Policy)
[TXT]36-000-1.txt04-Jan-2012 13:09 3.0KManual Maintenance (Procedure)
[TXT]31-000-2.txt14-Jan-2006 23:01 9.5KOLC Organization Chart (Exhibit)
[TXT]31-000-2.txt.bak09-Jan-2006 18:24 9.5KOLC Organization Chart (Exhibit)
[TXT]35-000.txt09-Jan-2006 18:49 1.1KPiya Wiconi Okilakiciye (Policy)
[TXT]35-000-1.txt09-Jan-2006 18:52 654 Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye (Procedure)
[TXT]38-000-1.txt09-Jan-2006 20:15 1.6KStrategic Planning Calendar (Procedure)

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