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                                                                     BOT 1-27-2011
                          FISCAL GOALS AND OBJECTIVES (POLICY)
The Fiscal Management Policy sections provide guidelines for general fiscal management 
and specific accounting policies for Oglala Lakota College.   The principles and policies 
in this section are in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 
(GAAP), OMB Circular No. A-21, CFR 34, and any other federal regulations that apply.  
This manual should be reviewed and updated by the central business office personnel and 
the Board of Trustees on a continual basis to insure all policies fulfill the intended 
General Fiscal Policies
Adoption and Implementation of Policies:
The Board of Trustees has the ultimate responsibility for adopting and enforcing all fiscal 
management policies.  The administrative personnel and staff of the central business 
office, along with the District Directors, have the responsibility for implementing the 
policies on a day to day basis.  The local District Boards have the authority to modify 
specific accounting policies to meet the local District's needs provided such modifications 
do not violate the integrity and efficiency of the overall internal control system.
The central business office has the authority to establish procedures for implementing the 

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