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                                                                   BOT 6-23-04, 8-20-04, 8-26-10
The college will reimburse college employees and the Board for their necessary and 
reasonable travel expenses, while on approved travel status for the college. These 
reimbursements will be authorized to the maximum amounts allowable under the 
Standard Government Travel Regulations (SGTR) unless further specified as set forth in 
these policies themselves.
Off reservation travel authorizations shall be requested in advance for all travel to be 
performed by college employees or the Board.  Such authorization requests shall include 
dates of travel, place of travel, per diem rates, account to be charged, mode of travel, 
mileage rate, and other related information.  The President or appropriate supervisor shall 
approve these in writing.  Travel for the Board of Trustees is to normally be authorized 
by the Board.  In the event that time does not allow the Board to act, authority is 
delegated to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President of the college.  
Such travel is to be reported to the Board at its next meeting and the results of the trip by 
the traveler.  All travel is subject to the availability of funds.
a.      Attendance at Professional Conferences or Meetings:
The college budgets a set amount per employee to permit travel in this category. 
Employees must comply with current procedures for documenting up to the amount 
approved.  Approval for this status is based upon relevance to job function, 
recommendation of supervisor and approval be the appropriate Vice President or 
b.      Attendance as a Designated Representative of the College:
This status permits the employee to recover all expenses permitted by the Board of 
Trustees and is authorized by the President.  Typical examples of this status would be 
project directors attending grant required meetings, meetings to acquire information for 
the college or meetings attended as directed by one's supervisor (This status does not 
count as a professional trip.).
c.     Presenter:
Oglala Lakota College encourages staff members to present the results of their 
scholarship to the larger academic community.  Each program of Oglala Lakota College 
may designate one presenter per year to receive full travel benefits for such a 
presentation.  Individuals who are requesting this status must request the support of their 
department, submit a copy of the acceptance of their proposed presentation and, upon 
return to the college, submit a copy of their presentation to the LRC for inclusion in the 
permanent collection.  Permission of the appropriate Vice President or President is 
d.     Invited Status:
Oglala Lakota College encourages its staff to assume leadership roles in their profession.  
Administrative leave may be granted to staff members who make presentations at the 
expense of the inviting organization.  The essential criterion for this status is that it not 
interfere with the individual's duties (teaching, administrative, etc.).  Permission for this 
status must be granted by the person's supervisor and a trip report must by filed.
e.     Board Membership:

Oglala Lakota College, in encouraging staff to assume leadership roles in their profession 
and community involvement, supports board membership participation insofar as that 
participation enhances job responsibilities and significantly furthers the college's public 
relations or presentation to other professional colleagues. Depending on the nature of the 
board, the procedures outlined in letters b and/or d apply.
Funding:  All travel is subject to availability of funds and supervisor approval.
a.     For all college staff, other than district personnel, the primary work location is Piya 
i)       If a district staff member travels to Piya Wiconi from their center of business, 
he/she is eligible for round trip mileage.  Similarly, other business trips for district center 
personnel from the center accrue mileage with the supervisor's approval.
ii)     Staff members whose primary work location is Piya Wiconi are eligible for mileage 
for the round trip from Piya Wiconi to the location of business.  A staff member going to 
a location will be eligible for any mileage over and above the round trip to their primary 
work location.  This applies to one trip a day whether during working hours or not except 
for weekends when mileage will be accrued from the person's home to place of business 
and back.
iii)   Faculty traveling for the expressed purpose of instructing a class of students are 
eligible for mileage calculated from the district center closest to their residence to the 
location where the class is held, except for those faculty residing off reservation who 
when traveling for the expressed purpose of instructing a class of students are eligible for 
mileage calculated from the point they enter the reservation to the location where the 
class is held via the shortest distance, as per standard mileage chart.  Non-faculty 
traveling for the purpose of instructing a class are subject to 4 i and ii as appropriate.
iv)   Adjunct Faculty Mileage:
Adjunct Faculty traveling from home to the site of instruction, for the purpose of 
instructing a class, will be paid mileage for the entire round trip.  In the instance the 
adjunct faculty travels from their work site, the adjunct faculty will be paid for the 
additional mileage beyond their work commute.  (passed by BOT on  9/27/00)
       v.)  For all staff whose primary work site is Piya Wiconi, mileage will not be paid for 
Fridays or classes at Piya Wiconi.
vi)   To receive mileage, employees must show proof of car liability insurance.
A paid receipt for registration must be attached to the voucher.  If meals and/or lodging 
are included in the registration fee; 1 quarter must be deducted for each meal provided.
a.     Meals Per Diem Allowance - is the allowance to cover meals, tips, and other 
miscellaneous incident expenses such as local phone calls that are incurred while on 
travel status.
b.     Mileage Allowance - is the per mile allowance for use of one's personal vehicle in 
the performance of required duties or assignments for the college.
c.     Other Travel Costs - are those costs such as parking fees, taxi, etc., that are often 
required while on travel status and are not included in the above categories but are 
reimbursable to the traveler and are reasonable under the circumstances of travel.
Mileage for the use of privately owned vehicles for authorized travel is reimbursed based 
on the current Federal mileage rate.  Claims for reimbursement will be based on mileage 
allowances between points of travel that have been established by the college.  
The use of private vehicles to points of authorized travel that normally would be reached 
by air travel will be reimbursed for the lower total cost between: a. the air travel, MIE per 
diem and lodging, and b. the mileage, MIE per diem and lodging.  The cost of air travel is 
to be computed by coach booked seven days in advance.  When an employee chooses to 
travel by private vehicles instead of the normal air travel, the employee will need to take 
annual leave for the additional time the employee needs to travel above and beyond what 
it would require the employee to travel by air.
Travel advances may be made in the amount of 90% of the estimated amount of per diem 
and mileage and/or commercial fare to be expended by the traveler.  The Vice President 
of Business, Office Manager or designee will maintain accounting records of all travel 
advances.  Each traveler will be required to submit a travel expense report upon 
completion of travel and his/her travel advance account adjusted as appropriate. Airfare 
arrangements may be made through an approved travel agency to be paid directly by the 
With the exception of lodging for conferences and workshops, lodging will be 
reimbursed for actual costs that do not exceed the maximum federal lodging rate allowed 
by the Standard Government Travel Regulations.  For lodging costs at conferences and 
workshops, lodging will be reimbursed for actual costs that do not exceed the conference 
and workshop lodging rate.  When two or more employees share a motel/hotel room, only 
one person will be reimbursed for the lodging.  (BOT Oct. 01)
Travel reports with necessary records of travel (lodging receipts, parking receipts and 
receipts of other allowable expenses claimed) will be submitted to the Vice President of 
Business within 10 days after completion of properly authorized travel.  Travel receipts 
shall be in the name of the person requesting the advance.  Failure to file travel reports 
will result in either no payment (for people who received no advance) or payroll 
deduction.  Normally, the deduction will be made 10 days after written notice has been 
given to the employee.  The Vice President of Business shall certify all travel vouchers as 
to amount authorized for payment in accordance with college regulations.  No travel will 
be authorized unless travel reports are current.  This policy will apply to Board member 
with deductions being made from stipends and mileage.
All air travel shall normally be by coach and first class shall not be used except under 
those circumstance where less than first class accommodations  a) would require 
circuitous routing, b) require travel during unreasonable hours, c) greatly increase the 
duration of the flight, d) result in additional costs which would offset the transportation 
savings, or e) offer accommodations which are not reasonably adequate for the medical 
needs of the traveler.
A reasonable amount of taxi fares, subway fares, etc., during travel to locations 
necessitating such public transportation conveyances shall be allowed. Actual expenses 
of up to fifteen dollars ($15) per day up to a maximum of forty-five ($45) per trip is 
authorized, wherein receipts are not required.  Amounts in excess of these may be 
claimed if documented by receipts.
A meal and incidental allowance for off reservation travel will be provided to employees 
utilizing the maximum federal allowable rate under the Standards Government Travel 
Regulations when travel time exceeds twelve hours.  When meals are provided at 
meetings, workshops, and conferences, a quarter will be deducted for each meal provided 
from the total quarters allowed, whether the person on travel attended them or not.   
(Continental breakfast is not a meal under this section.)

When travel is 12 hours or less there is no allowance. 

When travel is more than 12 hours but less than 24 hours, you receive 75% of the 
applicable M&IE per diem rate. 

When you are in travel status for more than 24 hours, you receive 75% on the day of 
departure, 100% for full days of travel, and 75% on the last day of travel. 

If a meal is provided by the conference, you will deduct from the per diem amount per 
the following chart: 

Total per diem 
for the day is		46 	51	56	61	66	71

Deduct the following
Breakfast		7	8	9	10	11	12
Lunch			11	12	13	15	16	18
Dinner			23	26	29	31	34	36

PRIOR written approval must be received from the appropriate Vice President or the 

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