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                                                                                         BOT 12-21-13


All purchases shall be made in accordance with the College’s purchasing and expenditures policies and 
procedures. In addition, the following requirements apply to the non-gas credit card purchases:

   1.	The College President shall be the only authorized employee on the college credit card.
   2.	Prior to purchase, a purchase requisition and/or a travel request shall be approved by both 
        the President and Vice President for Business.
   3.	The following payment process shall be used for all credit card statements:
        a.   The monthly credit card statement shall be delivered directly to the VP for Business.
        b.   The Assistant to the President shall attach all purchases documentation and original 
             invoices to a copy of the statement received from the VP for Business.
        c.   The Assistant to the President shall forward the statement with attached 
             documentation to the Business Office Manager who shall review the documentation 
             for completeness, prepare a purchase order and process a check.
        d.   The credit card will be paid in full each month.

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