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                                                                                        BOT 12-4-12

Budget Expenditure Report

Budget Expenditure Reports (BER) are issued on the 10th of each month.  The budget manager is 
responsible to compare the Budget Expenditure Report (BER) with their “cuff” account every month.  
(The cuff account is how department a keeps track of expenditures in the department.)  When there is a 
difference between the cuff account and the BER, contact the business office in order to review why 
there is a difference. 

Any changes in the coding of expenditures which are required will need to be submitted in writing 
before the next BER is issued.  Changes should be submitted before the 9th  of the month.

Processing of all transfer of cost between grants must occur within ninety days of the original cost 
charged to the grant.  The cost transfer must be requested by the Principal Investigator (PI) and 
approved by the business office.  Supporting documentation of the cost transfer must accompany the 

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