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1. Campus Security 

It is the intention of Oglala Lakota College (OLC) to provide a safe physical environment 
for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Anyone who feels his or her physical safety is 
threatened, should inform the local center staff who will contact the appropriate public 
safety agency.
OLC will provide information under the Student Right To Know and Campus Security 
Act. A current report will be available at registration on any criminal activity that may 
call into question the physical safety of any student.

2.   Sexual Assault

The policies regarding sexual assault cover any student who commits a sexual act against 
another OLC student, faculty, or staff amber, occurring on OLC property or at an OLC 
sponsored event. Any sexual act committed against a person's will or without consent is a 
criminal offense, and must be reported to law enforcement officials.
a. It is important to contact appropriate officials, including security, provided by OLC as 
soon as possible after the attack so that victim's physical and emotional needs can be met.
b. Victims should be treated by a physician immediately to check for physical problems 
and to preserve evidence in case legal action is to be taken.
c. OLC will assist the victim by making appropriate referrals to counseling services 
located off campus. The victim also has an opportunity to receive assistance in changing 
academic situations after an assault occurs, if these changes are requested by the victim 
and are reasonably attainable.

3.   Judicial Action:

The victim has the right to report the assault to OLC officials and to the tribal law 
enforcement. OLC personnel will assist the student in notifying these authorities. While 
OLC encourages students to prosecute any sexual assault case to the full extent provided 
by law.
a. The victim has the opportunity to proceed with a Judicial Hearing through OLC, 
criminal court, or both.
b. OLC will provide appropriate due process to protect the rights of all parties.
c. If the case is adjudicated through a hearing at OLC, the accuser and accused are 
entitled to have legal representatives present, at their own expense, and an opportunity to 
call witnesses.

Any student found responsible for a sexual act committed against a person's will or 
without their consent will receive a minimum sanction of suspension from OLC. Anyone 
found responsible for a second offense will receive the maximum penalty, which is 
permanent dismissal form OLC.
OLC is concerned with the personal safety of students, staff, and faculty, as well as 
educating individuals on how to be responsible for his or her own safety. OLC strives to 
provide awareness of and educational opportunities about sexual assault, including rape, 
and other forcible, and non-forcible sex offenses. (Adopted 1/95)

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