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                            GUN-FREE/WEAPON-FREE (POLICY)
Oglala Lakota College maintains a Gun-Free/Weapon-Free campus. All dangerous 
weapons (dangerous weapons are defined as any firearms, knife, or device, instruments, 
materials, or substances, whether animated or inanimate, which is calculated to inflict 
death or serious bodily harm), are banned from the Oglala Lakota College campus and 
properties. No weapons concealed or otherwise, may be brought inside OLC properties, 
including all campus sites. 

Pocketknives with blades that 2  inches in length or more are not allowed.  Firearms of 
any type are absolutely prohibited from Oglala Lakota College campus and properties. 
Weapons carried by authorized law enforcement agents or used in military activities are 
exempt.  However, Weapons brought onto or carried on Oglala Lakota College property 
by authorized uniformed law enforcement or military agents must have prior approval 
and conform to the safety regulations identified in the procedures following.

Persons found in violation of this policy are subject to disciplinary action per misconduct 
policy in the college Policy and Procedure Manual.

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