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                         VEHICLE MANAGEMENT (PROCEDURE)

A.      General Usage and Supervision

For better control and accountability, college vehicles are assigned for primary use to 
program areas under the supervision of the respective program directors. This does not 
restrict their use to these areas, however, and are available to all staff upon request to be 
used for college functions and activities on and off reservation.

A. 	Use of College Vehicle

Without the Presidentís approval, a college vehicle can only be assigned to a full or part-
time employee by the program that has responsibility for the college vehicle. A student 
intern must have the Presidentís approval to drive a college vehicle. In order to be 
assigned a college vehicle, a full time employee, or a student intern must have on file in 
the Personnel office a copy of their driverís license and proof of liability insurance.  

B.     Scheduling

Program supervisors assigned vehicles will be responsible for the scheduling of their 
assigned vehicle within their program goals and objectives and college policy and 
procedure. College staff who wish to use a vehicle will make their request to the 
respective supervisor allowing enough lead time as not to disrupt ongoing activities. 
Disputes or disagreements arising out of vehicle scheduling or usage will be brought to 
the attention of the college President.

Requests for vehicle use outside agencies will be addressed to the college President.

C.     Maintenance

Each college program will be responsible for maintenance and general upkeep of their 
college vehicles. The only exception is for maintenance, which cannot be performed due 
to lack of equipment or due to the sophistication of the maintenance need. The vehicles 
will be referred to an appropriate service station in these instances. Each program director 
will develop a preventive maintenance schedule. The supervisors will insure that the 
maintenance schedule is adhered to. A vehicle in need of repair shall not be driven until it 
is repaired if it is determined that any further use will result in further damage or 
jeopardize occupant safety.

D.     Security

Due to the lack of adequate storage facilities, and the nature of the college delivery 
system, decentralization, it is not feasible nor practical to park college vehicles at Piya 
Wiconi at all times. However, vehicles will be stored and scheduled at Piya Wiconi to the 
extent practical. Supervisors assigned vehicles will use their judgment in these 
determinations and will insure that vehicles are not regularly used in commuting to and 
from work. Personnel who, out of scheduling necessity take vehicle home, are not 
relieved of any vehicle responsibility during this time and are not to employ the vehicles 
for personal use. Personnel using vehicles will exercise reasonable precautions at all times 
to insure their security.

E.     Liability

College vehicles are insured by a comprehensive package including liability, collision and 
comprehensive (theft, etc.). As part of this coverage, college vehicles are to be operated 
by college employees at all times. An insurance card with all necessary information will be 
maintained in all vehicles.

F.      Longevity

Due to cost effectiveness and vehicle efficiency, vehicles will be traded on a regular 
basis. Under normal use, vehicles should not be kept beyond a two-year period. Keeping 
vehicles beyond this time period will substantially decrease their value and due to wear 
and tear, may be more costly to maintain than to trade in the long run.  

G.    Records

All college vehicles will have a trip mileage log to be maintained by the person driving for 
each trip. Credit card receipts will be turned in to the business office after each major trip 
or on a weekly basis for regular use.

H.     Unauthorized Use

Any unauthorized use of college vehicles shall make the employee liable for termination 
and any financial liability incurred. A college employee who allows unauthorized use of a 
college vehicle will be subject to termination and any financial liability incurred.

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