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     The significance of providing facilities that enhance the college system's educational program is recognized
     by the Board.  To assure a comprehensive approach to projecting and planning needs, at least the following
     aspects of needs will be considered:

     1.  The expanding and changing educational program of the college system;

     2.  Relations with the total community, and projected developments in those relationships over the years;

     3.  Plant and site aesthetics as they affect the education of student sand feelings of people about their

     4.  Changing make-up of our population as to age distribution, educational levels, and the like;

     5.  Community planning and zoning;

     6.  Financial ability of the reservation;

     7.  Safety and welfare of students; and,

     8.  Relationships between the projected new facilities and those already in existence.

     The President is directed to establish such administrative arrangements, as he may consider necessary to
     determine such needs.  In so doing he may draw upon a wide range of resources including the area utility,
     commercial, industrial, and governmental entities, as well as the college staff and educational consultants.

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