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                                   OBJECTIVES OF THE PERSONNEL PROGRAM (POLICY)

     A.  Philosophy

     Oglala Lakota College is established with the broad philosophy and purposes of educating the Oglala Sioux
     people to, "live successfully by assisting each person to a goal that is both desirable and attainable, and
     by encouraging each person to find peace with himself" by supporting "the right of each person to determine
     his own future, to take pride in his Lakota heritage...."

     This means that the programs of the college must take both traditional and non-traditional forms in order to
     have far reaching impact on the tribe, its communities and people.  It also means that flexible policies for
     personnel need to be established to foster the philosophy, intent and purposes of the college.

     In order to serve the people of the Pine Ridge reservation, policies and procedures have been established to
     ensure consistency in the treatment of all college employees and to ensure high standards in work
     performance.  While every effort has been made to formulate policies that are in harmony with the goals and
     purposes of the college and its cultural environment, it must be understood that not every event,
     circumstance, or situation can be covered by a policy.  In addition to policies, each college employee should
     have personal standards of conduct that serve as guides in executing the duties of his/her position.

     The inclusion of policies in this Manual has been guided by two related intentions:  That no policy should be
     included that cannot be consistently applied, and that all policies in this Manual can and will be followed.

     B.  Objectives

     The objectives of the personnel program for Oglala Lakota College are:

         1.  To create and foster a positive academic environment, in the spirit for which the college was

         2.  To foster an academic and institutional environment that contributes to the growth and development
             of OLC students, staff, and faculty.

         3.  To protect the rights of students to a quality education and educational assistance.

         4.  To protect the rights of administrators, faculty and staff as they strive to attain institutional
             and/or educational objectives.

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