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                                       ESTABLISHMENT OF POSITIONS (POLICY)

     A.  Filing Positions

         1.  All permanent positions will be subject to establishment by the Board of Trustees, except that the
             President is authorized to make temporary appointments for a period of and not to exceed 90 days.

         2.  The President is also authorized to temporarily create and fill new positions for a period of and
             not to exceed 90 days when deemed in the best interests of college operations.

         3.  The authority to establish Oglala Lakota College positions includes the responsibility to prescribe
             the salary or wages to be paid.  No position will be established unless salary funds are available
             within the approved budget.

         4.  Justification for new positions must be provided by the person making the request.

     B.  Faculty Rank

         1.  No system of academic rank as such exists at Oglala Lakota College.  The size of departments, status
             as a Tribal College, and the developmental nature of the college has thus far made a system of
             academic rank appear inappropriate.  Faculty members are generally denominated "instructors" in the
             generic sense.

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