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                                                                                            BOT 08-24-17

                                FACULTY EMERITUS POLICY

1.   A faculty member that has rendered distinguished and meritorious service to Oglala Lakota 
     College (OLC) with over a period of five years or longer may be awarded the title of Faculty 
     Emeritus or Emerita (for females) upon retirement or separation from employment with OLC. 
     The Board of Trustees shall confer the emeritus/a designation, upon the recommendation of the 
     President, and in accordance with the faculty Emeritus Designation Procedure associated with 
     this policy. See Faculty Emeritus Designation Procedure, 61-130-1. The title will follow the 
     regular professional title, e.g., Faculty of English, emeritus/emerita.  

2.   Faculty Emeriti will be granted the following rights and privileges listed below in recognition of 
     their honored role in the OLC community and their ongoing potential for contributions to the 
     intellectual and cultural life of OLC:

     a.	  Faculty Emeriti will maintain the following faculty privileges: full access to the library 
          facilities and resources, including computer/database access, listings in OLC catalogs and 
          faculty/staff directory as emeritus faculty.
     b.	  Faculty Emeriti are not required to serve on any institutional committees and therefore 
          are not voting members of the faculty; 
     c.	  Faculty Emeriti shall not receive pay/compensation from OLC unless they also serve as a 
          faculty mentor and also shall not receive any benefits afforded to full-time faculty 
     d.	  Faculty Emeriti may serve as mentors to full-time, part-time and adjunct faculty (faculty) 
          that do not meet the faculty hiring qualifications. See Faculty Qualifications Standards, 
          61-110. Specifically, Faculty Emeriti may serve as mentors as a part of the Faculty 
          Emeritus Mentorship Program to those OLC faculty members (faculty mentees) that do 
          not hold a doctorate/masterís in discipline or eighteen (18) or more doctorate/graduate 
          credit hours in discipline.
               i.   In serving as a Faculty mentor, Faculty Emeriti will be listed in all OLC catalogs, 
                    course schedules, and related materials as the instructor of record and the faculty 
                    mentee shall be listed as a teaching assistant.  
              ii.   Faculty Emeriti serving as mentors will be responsible for being actively engaged 
                    in the classroom but will not have direct oversight of the course. Additionally, 
                    the Emeritus faculty mentor will provide guidance to the faculty teaching 
                    assistant (mentee), share best teaching practices and strategies, and provide 
                    faculty teaching assistant evaluations. 
             iii.   Mentor plans are based on individual faculty and adjunct faculty plans 
                    recommended by the Academic Department Chair with final approval from the 
                    Vice President for Instruction. 


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