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                                                                        BOT 11-17-2009
A.  Vacancy Announcements (Major Positions)
      Immediately upon the vacancy of one of the above positions, the President or other 
      executive officer shall initiate search and screen procedures as defined in this 
      section.  Vacancy announcements shall be distributed according to guidelines as 
      defined in this handbook.  The Grievance and Selection Committees shall be called 
      together for the purpose of appointing a search and screen committee.  Due to the 
      difficulty sometimes encountered in filling key positions, reasonable time shall be 
      allowed the search and screen committee to submit a list of potential candidates.  
      For those positions for which search and screen procedures are to be 
      recommended, the President or other executive officer shall recommend to the 
      Board at their next regular meeting, that search and screen procedures be initiated 
      for the position in question.  Along with the recommendation for search and screen 
      procedures, the President or other executive officer shall submit a list of potential 
      search and screen committee members from which the Board will appoint a search 
      and screen committee if they decide to initiate such procedures.
B.  Notice of Vacancies (All Other Positions)
1.  Advertising:  All positions of duration exceeding 90 days shall be advertised in      
     places throughout the reservation for at least two weeks.  This same procedure may 
     be applied to temporary positions not exceeding 90 days at the discretion of the 
2.  Application:  Non-selected or unqualified applicants will be notified in writing with 
     return of their applications.  The successful applicants will be notified and their 
     applications retained in a personnel file. 

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