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                                           HIRING OF PERSONNEL (POLICY)

     A.  Responsibility for Personnel Action

         1.  The Board of Trustees of the Oglala Lakota College has the ultimate responsibility for all personnel
             actions.  The role of the Board is to insure that policy and procedures have been followed in the
             hiring and termination of employees.

         2.  Oglala Lakota College is empowered to recruit and hire all personnel as necessary for implementing
             its objectives and purposes.  In executing its personnel program the college shall follow the
             personnel policies and procedures as adopted by the Board of Trustees.

         3.  These personnel policies and procedures are to be available in the Office of the President and the
             offices of each district center.

         4.  Indian preference in hiring and fair employment labor practices as defined in Title VI, the Equal
             Employment Opportunity Act are applicable guidelines in the personnel program of the Oglala Lakota

     B.  Employment of Qualified Personnel by OLC

         1.  The Board of Trustees recognizes the significance of employing those people most qualified to fulfill
             the responsibilities of established positions within the college.  Only by employing such people can
             the Board assure that its mission of providing quality education to members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe
             will be effectively accomplished.

         2.  Although the Board continually strives to honor its philosophy of hiring local qualified Lakota's for
             the positions within the college, it recognizes that when such people are not available, qualified
             non-Lakota's must by hired.

         3.  It is with this intention of attracting and hiring the most qualified individuals for the positions
             within the college, that the following search and screen procedures are set forth.

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