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                                  FULL-TIME FACULTY SCREENING/HIRING (PROCEDURE)

     A.  Determination of Vacancy:

         1.  New Positions:  The instructional vice-president obtains approval from the President for new

         2.  Replacement for Existing Positions:  The instructional vice-president reviews vacancies created by
             resignations or terminations with the President and obtains permission to proceed with filling the
             position (s).

     B.  Selection and Screening Procedures:

         1.  The Director of Human Resources is responsible for advertising all positions within the Instructional
             Division with the assistance of the appropriate chairperson or director.

         2.  Advertisement/Vacancy notices are placed in the following outlets:

             a.  Internally: bulletin board, district centers and staff mail boxes.

             b.  The Native American Press

             c.  Oglala Tribal Personnel Offices

             d.  Each district government center

             e.  Pine Ridge Job Service office

             f.  Chronicle of Higher Education

             g.  Appropriate university placement offices

             h.  Appropriate discipline - specific placement services

             i.  Web site postings

     C.  Screening/Recommendation of Candidates;

         1.  The vice-president shall appoint a search committee for each vacancy which consists of:  the person
             who will supervise the selected applicant, a faculty member with knowledge necessary to evaluate
             candidates, a person from any division whose role at the college provides special insight into the
             job to be performed by the new employee.

         2.  The supervisor will be responsible for the following tasks:

             a.  convening the members of the search committee.

             b.  maintaining records of the committee's activities.

             c.  coordinating the screening of candidates.

                   i.  The screening process should consist of ranking all qualified applicants in the following
                       order: Lakota applicants, Native American applications, local applicants and finally
                       non-local applicants.

                  ii.  Notifying all candidates as their status is determined.

                 iii.  Notifying final candidates or working conditions (load, fringe benefits, etc.)

                  iv.  Arranging interviews

                   v.  Reporting recommendations of committee, in writing to the vice-president.

         3.  Credentials Check

             The committee will check the credentials of top rated candidates before interview and maintain
             records of these checks.

         4.  The Interview

             a.  Candidates should be scheduled for at least one day at Piya Wiconi in order to be given a chance
                 to absorb as much as possible and to meet as many people as possible.  Spouses should be
                 encouraged to attend if feasible.  It is suggested that candidates go to at least one district

             b.  An interview itinerary should be prepared and distributed to the college community so any
                 interested member of the community can meet with the candidate.  In addition to the search
                 committee the candidates should meet with: the President, the instructional vice-president,
                 members of his/her prospective department and at least one district staff member.  Members of
                 the Board of Trustees should be invited to attend.

             c.  The interview can be a series of individual interview or with the committee as a whole.

             d.  A member of the search committee should assume responsibility for showing the candidate around
                 and acting as a source of information concerning housing, schools, etc.  If a spouse comes,
                 activities should be planned for him/her.

             e.  It is the responsibility of the search committee:

                   i.  to rate each interviewee, in writing, in the following areas:

                         academic competency

                         probable ability to fulfill the purposes of the college

                  ii.  to obtain recommendation from non-committee members who have met the candidate.

                 iii.  to rank order all interviewees

         5.  After the Interviews

             a.  The chairperson of the search committee meets with the vice-president to compare ratings and to
                 recommend a single candidate.

             b.  The vice-president contacts the preferred candidate and notifies his/her of intent to present a
                 recommendation to the Personnel and Grievance Committee of the Board of Trustees.  If the
                 candidate accepts and the Personnel and Grievance Committee concurs, then the candidates' name
                 is presented to the Board.

             c.  The chairperson submits all committee records to the vice-president for retention.

         6.  Closure

             a.  The instructional vice-president notifies the candidate of the action of the  Board of Trustees
                 as well as the supervisor and the Business Office.

             b.  The supervisor assumes responsibility for the candidate to become a member of the faculty/staff
                 (e.g. orientation, etc.)

         7.  Expenses

             a.  The candidate is responsible for all interview expenses except housing while at OLC for the

             b.  Members of the search committee of the college community may be reimbursed for expenses incident
                 to the actual interview (mileage, meals, etc.) with the prior approval of the vice-president.

             c.  The candidate selected for interview is eligible for reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket
                 expenses (travel, meals) if he/she accepts the position offered.

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