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                                   FULL-TIME FACULTY - JOB DUTIES

A.     Faculty Salaries:

1.     Full-time faculty salaries cover 20 pay periods per annum.  Faculty may be 
        awarded contracts from 1, 3 or 5 years based upon the recommendation of the 
        Faculty Review Committee and final approval.

2.     Employment begins two weeks before the fall semester and ends one week after spring 
        semester.  The term of duty ends at the end of make-up week provided final grades are 

B.     Standard Load:

1.   Teaching:  The standard load for full-time faculty at OLC will be: Five courses (15 credits) 
      per semester with one preparation, or four courses (12 credits) per semester with two but       
      not more than three preparations. The nine-hour class, Ed 489 - Student Teaching, counts 
      towards six (6) hours of a faculty load.

2.   Preparation:   Faculty are expected to prepare 1-2 hours for every hour taught.

3.   Faculty are expected to serve on a least one OLC standing committee

4.   Faculty are expected to attend all staff and academic department meetings at Piya Wiconi, 
      on Fridays, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, unless an alternate schedule or leave has been 
      approved by the Department Chair.

5.   Faculty are expected to keep office hours for all classes taught with a minimum of one hour 
      per week per course in the district where the course is taught. 

6.   Faculty are expected to serve as academic advisors during registration. Academic 
      advising which is connected with the registration process shall be managed as follows:

      a.   Faculty are assigned each semester, either to a specific district or to specific 
            advising duties by the chair of her/his academic department each semester.

      b.   Faculty will work as academic program advisors during registration week as 
            assigned by the chair of her/her academic department.

      c.   Faculty will provide academic program advising during pre-registration and at least 
            three hours in one or more of the districts where they facilitate courses as approved       
            by their academic department chair. All full time faculty will submit advising logs 
            to the chair of their department by the end of the semester.

7.   In the event of an underload, as defined in B. 1. above, the faculty and her/his academic 
     department chair will negotiate alternate duties. A schedule for all faculty will be published    
     each semester.

8.   Time Keeping:For non-class periods at the beginning and end of each semester, faculty will 
     work eight hours per day, but not more than forty hours per week or as alternatively assigned.

9.   Make-up Classes: Instructors will hold 15 class sessions or equivalent and make-up any 
     missed class sessions.

10.   Instructors' Office Scheduling (Policy from 73-012). The Chair of each department shall 
      determine faculty office schedule according to the needs of the department except:

      a.   Faculty will be scheduled to an office site or sites as negotiated with the chair.

      b.   Faculty will be present for all scheduled department and college meetings and at 
            assigned committee meetings unless on approved leave.

11.   Assessment and Departmental Responsibilities:

      a.   Faculty will participate in development and modification of a master
            syllabus for each course taught or as assigned by the chair.

      b.   Faculty will conduct assessment of student learning as guided by college policy      
            and procedures.

      c.   Faculty will develop, implement and assess Departmental Institutional Effectiveness 

      d.   Faculty will assist in the approval and evaluation of adjunct faculty as 
            appropriate. Be available to mentor adjunct and full time faculty.

      e.   Faculty will be available to mentor students.

      f.   Faculty will assist in recruitment and retention of students.

      g.   All full time and adjunct faculty will submit attendance on a weekly basis. 

C.   Evaluation:Each Faculty member will develop and submit a work plan that is 
submitted to her/his academic department chair (WEF).

1.   Faculty work plans will consider teaching service to the OLC community, and scholarship 
      to be finalized by the end of the fall semester each year covering the following spring and 
      fall semesters.

2.   Faculty work plans should lay out establish achievable goals including, but not limited to 
      anticipated teaching schedule, service expectations, professional development, and 
      means of contributing to the mission of OLC.

3.   Faculty will complete a summative evaluation of goals achieved by the end of the fall 
      semester in conjunction with development of the next year’s work plan and submit it to for 
      review and comment by the end of the fall semester.

D.   Overload:

If a faculty member teaches courses over and above the standard load, (see above) the
full-time faculty member will receive adjunct faculty pay per credit hour. Full-
time faculty will be limited to one three-credit overload per semester unless
approved by the Vice President of Instruction.

E.   Summer School: The summer schedule is based on student needs and as budgeted according 
to OLC summer school policy. 

1.   Full time faculty will have priority for teaching summer classes. Department Chairs must 
     ensure fairness to all faculty members when assigning faculty to summer schedule. 

2.   Adjunct faculty will be assigned if there are no available full time faculty members to teach 
     during the summer. 

3.   Faculty will be paid at the adjunct rate. 

4.   All faculty teaching summer classes must meet OLC faculty qualification policy for each 

5.   Faculty are expected to prepare 1-2 hours for every hour taught.

6.   Summer mileage will be paid according to OLC mileage rate for adjuncts.  

7.   Faculty will be assigned to teach the class at the designated College Center by the 
     Department Chair. 

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