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A.   Instructional Chair Role and Responsibilities:

The instructional department chairsí primary role is to supervise and evaluate 
departmental faculty/staff (including adjunct faculty) and participates in fulfilling the 
departmental Vision, Mission, and Purposes as it relates to OLCís Vision, Mission and 
B.   Administrative Duties and Responsibilities:

     1.	  Facilitates operation of the department including duties specific to 
          supervising faculty/staff (full-time and adjunct) to assure quality 
          instruction and the completion of departmental responsibilities.

          a.	Evaluates faculty/staff according to OLC policies and procedures.
          b.	Recommends retention or termination of faculty/staff (including 
                adjuncts) based on assessment of faculty/staff evaluation results. 
          c.	Participates in faculty/staff (including adjuncts) hiring process.
          d.	Approves adjunct faculty (in consultation with Vice President of 
                Instruction and departmental faculty) in accordance with OLC policies 
                and procedures. 
          e.	Attends department chairsí meetings as scheduled by Vice President of 
                Instruction and communicates information back to departmental 
          f.	Facilitates and promptly communicates results of any external 
                department evaluation to the Vice President of Instruction. 
          g.	Actively participates in OLC governance system (standing 

2.   Assures course offerings and degrees comply with Higher Learning 
     Commission (HLC) criteria for certificate, associate, bachelor, and 
     masterís degrees consistent with higher education standards and practices. 

3.   Organizes and conducts monthly department meetings and maintains 
     minutes of record. Assures minutes and germane materials are posted on 
     the department website. 

4.   Manages department budget and fulfills department Vision, Mission, and 
     Purposes in accordance with OLC policies and procedures. 

     a.	Chairs write and manage grants per department Institutional 
        Effectiveness Plans (IEP) responding to community needs 
        assessment(s) and stakeholder input.  
     b.	Chairs serve as the Program Director/Principal Investigator for all 
        department grants. 
5.   Chairs collaborate with District College Center Directors in the 
     development and implementation of class schedules and academic 

6.   Chairs coordinate timely ordering of textbooks and instructor desk copies. 

7.   Chairs advise upper division program majors and respond to inquiries 
     about department degrees. 

8.   Chairs develop in consultation with faculty/staff work plans each spring 
     semester for the upcoming academic year. Work plans include teaching, 
     research, professional development, and other service expectations. 
     a.	Encourage faculty/staff (including adjuncts) to acquire knowledge 
        of Pine Ridge Reservation, including Lakota language, culture, and 
     b.	Facilitate conflict resolution within the department. 

9.   Chairs negotiate a personal work plan each spring semester with the Vice 
     President of Instruction including Wolakolkiciyapi, administrative, 
     teaching, research, service, professional development, and other 

10.   Chairs, in collaboration with the Vice President of Instruction and the 
      Director of Assessment, coordinate assessment of student learning for 
      courses taught by the department faculty according to OLCís assessment 

      a.   Monitor program performance and department plans for 
           institutional effectiveness, enrollment management (recruitment, 
           retention, persistence, & completion), and student learning. 
      b.   Monitor department data collection processes and evaluations 
           through an annual institutional effectiveness planning (IEP) 
      c.   Complete departmentís annual report based on departmentís IEP. 
      d.   Recommend policy and program development changes to the Vice 
           President of Instruction.  

C.   Chairsí Instructional Teaching Load:
     1.	  Standard teaching assignments for chairs is two courses per semester 
          which may be adjusted by the Vice President of Instruction based on any 
          of the following:

	  a.   Excessive supervisory load. 
	  b.   External responsibilities.
	  c.   Other duties and/or special assignments
	  d.   Educational/Sabbatical Leave
D.   Evaluation of Chairs:

Chairs will be evaluated by the Vice President of Instruction based on input from:
    1.	IEP
    2.	Faculty/staff directly supervised (anonymously recorded method of input e.g. 
        survey, et cetera)
    3.	Approved evaluation tools
        a.   Negotiated work plan
        b.   Classroom teaching observation
        c.   Employee performance review
    4.	Course evaluation
    5.	Input from OLC community

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