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                                    APPOINTMENT OF VICE-PRESIDENTS (PROCEDURE)

     1.  As soon as it is certain that a vacancy of a vice-president's post to occur, the President is to notify
         the Board of Trustees to convene the search and screen committee.  The committee will then initiate all
         procedures necessary for advertising the position, accepting applications and providing recommendations
         to the Board of Trustees for an appointment.

     2.  A Position Announcement Bulletin (PAB) is to be developed for dissemination purposes.  The PAB will, as
         a minimum, contain essential data on the post, including: (a) position title; (b) duties and
         responsibilities; (c) requirements of the position; (d) experience and education that will be accepted;
         and opening and closing dates.  The PAB will be reasonably descriptive to convey both salient and
         restraining characteristics of the post.

     3.  Letters of interest and resumes will be the acceptable form of response, if submitted within the
         announcement period.  The search and screen committee may make ruling on late responses, so long as
         screening procedures have not been implemented.

     4.  The committee may accept responses to the PAB from all eligible applicants.  In order of precedence,
         preference will be given to reservation Indian; off-reservation Indian and non-Indian.

     5.  The search and screen committee will determine evaluation criteria for screening purposes.  The criteria
         should be weighted, based upon the requirements of the PAB.  Rating sheets are to be attached to all
         responses on the announcement.

     6.  The search and screen committee is to provide priority ranking of the responses based upon evaluation
         criteria.  All applications that have been reviewed and ranked will be submitted to the President for
         final review and screening.

     7.  The President will present the tip five (5) slate of candidates to the Board of Trustees for final
         selection of Vice-President.  The President may indicate his recommendation and/or preference for the
         final selection of a vice-president.

     8.  The Board of Trustees will provide the President with an approved slate of candidates in prioritized,
         descending order.  This slate will take into account the recommendation and/or preferences of the

     9.  In the event a primary candidate declines a vice-president's post, the President can make a selection
         on a descending order basis.  The approved slate of candidates provides the basis for selection.

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