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BOT 5-29-02, 6-27-02, 3-22-07
An employee shall be placed on a probationary status at initial employment or during 
employment as means of determining the job performance of an employee.  The 
probationary status will be 90 calendar days for contractual employees. 
If a current employee applies for and is hired for a new position not similar to his/her 
current position within the college, he/she will be considered a new hire and placed on 
ninety (90) calendar days probation.  If a current employee applies for and is hired for a 
similar position, he/she will be placed on thirty (30) calendar days probation.  
Probationary employees will be evaluated at mid-point and at the end of the probationary 
period.  Employees serving a probationary period of 30 or 90 calendar days may be 
dismissed at any time during the probationary period by the supervisor with the 
concurrence of the President by written notice. During the probationary period, an 
employee cannot be dismissed after mid-point of the probationary period if an evaluation 
has not been completed. Dismissal during the probationary period can not be grieved 
prior to the mid point and after the midpoint it can not be grieved if the evaluation has 
been completed. 
In the first ninety (90) calendar days of the probationary period, a new employee may not 
use accrued annual leave.  When a current employee is hired for a new position within 
the college, he or she is placed on probationary status related to the new position. During 
this probationary period, however, the employee will not lose the right to use annual 
leave already accumulated during employment in the previous college position.

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