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                                                                    BOT 03-31-11, 08-10-15
The following procedures are in effect regarding staff contracts:
1.      Staff recommendations are approved by the Board of Trustees beginning in March 
for the following contract year.
2.      Contracts and work schedules are negotiated and executed by July 1, the beginning 
of  the new contract year. Headstart/Early Headstart contracts will include the following 
in their contract: Your pay will be spread over 26 pay periods. If you are on a 21 pay 
period contract, 10% of your wage will be set aside for payments to you while you are off 
contract. If you are on a 24 pay period contract, 5% of your wage will be set aside for 
payment to you while you are off contract. 
3.      Copies of the executed contracts and work schedules are to be filed with the 
appropriate supervisors and staff.
4.      Copies of the executed contract form excluding work schedule are to be filed with 
the Business Office to authorize payment.
5.      Copies of the executed contract form and work schedule are to be filed with the 
Personnel Director.  The main functions being to coordinate personnel recruitment and to 
act as a central file for personnel information (to address external audit concerns in 
addition to meeting our own needs).  The Institutional Development Office also needs 
access to this type of information for human resource planning  and other institutional 
development purposes.
6.      Evaluations and subsequent personnel decisions, e.g. termination, contract renewals 
and salary raises will be based upon these fully executed forms.  
7.      Work Expectation Form (WEF):
Before the commencement of each contract year, the employee and supervisor will 
negotiate a Work Expectations Form (WEF) containing the following elements:
a.      knowledge and support of OLC mission
b.      knowledge and support of OLC goals
c.      division objectives
d.      program/department/center objectives
e.      specific job/position/objectives
f.        specific performance/policy expectations, e.g. punctuality, attitude, etc.
g.      professional development
h.      individual objectives (personal interests) 
8.      At mid-year (January) and end of the year (June), employees' work performance 
will be evaluated according to the negotiated work schedule. Work Expectation Forms 
(WEFs) are available form the Personnel Director.

9. 	Contract Non-Renewals.  Notice of non-renewal of contract must be given at least 
90 calendar days prior to the expiration of the contract.  Notice shall be given in writing 
and shall be either given to the employee in person or sent by registered mail to the 
address of the employee.  If notice is mailed, it is deemed given upon the date of the 
mailing.  In any case the notice shall be contained in a sealed envelope addressed to the 
employee and marked confidential.  A signed and dated receipt shall be requested of the 
employee in the case of personal delivery and a return receipt shall be requested in the 
case of mail delivery.  The notice shall be the responsibility and signed by the appropriate 
Vice President and President.  If the notice is directed to the President, it shall be the 
responsibility of and signed by the OLC Board President.  

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