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                            EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS (POLICY)

Oglala Lakota College has a standard contract of employment as to content and format.  This 
annual form may change as to content and format each year.

Employment contracts are to be issued at the time an employee is hired into a contract position. 
New employee contracts shall state that the employee shall be terminated if the staff member 
fails to satisfy the terms of their probationary period. 

Employment contracts are subject to annual re-negotiation based on funding availability, 
performance reviews and/or evaluation. Notice of contract non-renewal shall be given no later 
than ninety (90) days prior to expiration of the contract or academic year.

Employment contracts may be approved for 1-5 years based on the immediate supervisor's 
recommendation. For non faculty, the following table is the number of years employees can 
receive contracts based on their years of employment in the position that they currently hold. 
Contract offers in excess of one year must be based on exceptional job performance. 

1.   2 years or less of employment			        1 year contract

2.  More than 2 years through 5 years 				2 year contract

3.   More than 5 years through 8 years 				3 year contract

4.   More than 8 years through 10 years				4 year contract

5.   More than 10 years and above	 		        5 year contract 

An employment contract of more than one year shall have the Presidentís concurrence. 

Contracts cover variable pay periods per annum depending on the personnel position of the 
individuals involved: Support Staff and Administrators 24 pay periods; Academic department 
chairs 22 pay periods; Full time faculty 20 pay periods. 

An employee cannot report to work for the new contract year until they have turned into the 
Personnel Office an accepted and signed contract for the ensuing year. 

Payroll checks will be withheld when required documentation is not submitted in a timely 

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