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                                                                BOT 9-22-09, 04-28-11 

                                 Outside Employment

I.   Policy. The College recognizes the right of College faculty/staff to engage in 
     employment opportunities outside the College. Outside employment must not 
     conflict with the duties and responsibilities of the faculty/staff member at the 

II.   Definition. Outside employment is additional employment for which 
      compensation is paid by an external source while a faculty/staff member is 
      also under full-time contract with Oglala Lakota College.

III.   Guidelines.

       a.   Faculty/Staff shall not accept outside employment that requires forty (40) 
            hours per week under any circumstances.

       b.   Outside employment shall not coincide or conflict with normal business hours 
            from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the work week at the College

       c.   Outside employment shall not conflict with job responsibilities or affect the 
            employee’s ability to perform satisfactorily at the College.

       d.   Outside employment shall not constitute a conflict with College interests.

       e.   Faculty/Staff may perform outside employment while on holiday, annual 
            leave, personnel leave consulting leave or off contract.

       f.   Faculty/Staff may not use College facilities, staff, or other resources in 
            performing work for another employer.

       g.   Faculty/Staff that are self-employed business owners may perform outside 
            employment but must adhere to subsections a through f.

IV.   Procedures.

      a.   Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of the employee who seeks 
           outside employment.

      b.   Facutly/Staff must submit written notification to his/her supervisor prior to 
           accepting outside employment.

      c.   When a supervisor has reason to believe that an employee’s outside 
           employment is in violation of this policy, the supervisor shall consult with 
           their immediate supervisor. 

      d.   Should a conflict of interest result from the outside employment, the 
           employee’s supervisor, in conjunction with college policy 65-200 and 65-200-
           1, shall instruct the employee to terminate the outside employment. Failure to 
           cease the outside employment may be grounds for termination from College 

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