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                             BOT 12-21-02, 5-22-03, 6-29-06, 09-04-08, 03-01-12, 08-30-12, 11-19-13                                                                                      

                             EMPLOYEE BENEFITS  (POLICY)

It shall be a policy of the Oglala Lakota College Board of Trustees to provide employees of the 
Oglala Lakota College with health and annuity program fringe benefits, within budget 
limitations; approved annual health and annuity program; shall meet legal restrictions regulated 
and legislated by the Internal Revenue Code in addition to other applicable regulations so as to 
provide the optimum legal obligations of the institution and its employees.

It shall also be a policy of the Oglala Lakota College Board of Trustees to establish a 
procedure which ensures college personnel input into the development of initial 
specifications for the health and annuity programs on an annual basis, to include types of 
coverage, types of service (claims processing, booklet of coverage, on-site assistance), 
and other appropriate recommendations for consideration, with such recommendations to 
be processed through established decision-making procedures of the Oglala Lakota 
College.  It shall be an annual charge of the Institutional Development Committee to 
implement established procedures regarding this Health and Annuity Program policy.

Current Benefits
Fringe benefits are established, periodically, by the Board of Trustees as a percentage of 

Current fringe benefits are 30% of the gross salary and include Social Security and 
Medicare as a required federal deduction, along with unemployment insurance as 
required by state law. Employee life insurance and disability are OLC mandated coverage 
for employees to be paid from their fringe. You are eligible for life insurance and 
disability when all the completed paperwork is received by the Personnel Office.   

The following are optional benefits available for purchase with an employee’s fringe 
benefits: Health Insurance, Vision Care, Prescription Drugs, Family Life Insurance, 
Dental, and Retirement Plan. Your are eligible for employee health insurance, vision, 
dental and family life insurance when all the completed paperwork is received by the 
Personnel Office. Any unspent balance of the 30% fringe benefit will be deposited into 
the employee’s annuity account. The only annuity account provider is TIAA-CREFF. 
Employees are not eligible for retirement or annuity plans until they have completed and 
passed their probationary period and all the properly completed paperwork is received by 
the personnel office. For the retirement and annuity plans, it is the employee’s 
responsibility to return all forms to the personnel office before the end of their 
probationary period. Failure to return the documentation will mean a loss of the benefits 
until the open enrollment period except for retirement and annuity plans. If an employee 
closes their annuity account, any annuity payments not posted to their annuity account 
will mean a loss of the benefit. The optional benefits will take effect the month following 
receipt of the properly filled out required forms. If an employee elects to purchase more 
benefits than he/she has fringe benefits available, the difference will be deducted as a 
fringe overpayment from the employee’s wages.  

Benefits for existing employees can only be changed/added/deleted during the open 
season in September with the exception of the TIAA Retirement accounts. An employee 
may begin contributions at any time. The matching contribution will not begin until an 
employee has been employed with OLC for one contract year. After the year OLC will 
match the employee contribution in accordance with approved BOT scale for retirement 

1-2 Years 	2%		12-14 Years 	8%
2-4 Years	3%		14-16 Years 	9%
4-6 Years	4%		16-18 Years 	10%
6-8 Years	5%		18-20 Years 	11%
8-10 Years	6%		20+Years	12%
10-12 Years	7%

The employee’s years of service must be verified through personnel before contributions 
will begin. 

OLC employees are also eligible to visit, audit, or take for credit classes at OLC
free of tuition (see policy and procedures 67-300-1).  Courses taken during regular 
working hours must be approved by the employee's supervisor in line with a specific 
individual upgrade plan.

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