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                                      HEALTH AND ANNUITY PROGRAM (PROCEDURE)

     The following procedures shall be implemented every other year regarding the development, review, revision,
     and approval of the Health and Annuity programs for Oglala Lakota College personnel:

     STEP I

     By October 15 of each odd numbered year, the Human Resources Office shall conduct a survey of Oglala Lakota
     College employees to assess personnel needs regarding:

         Health Program:  Types of health coverage, services, deductibles, limitations, family coverage, costs,
         and other items regarding health benefits and services desired for the ensuing term.

         Annuity Program:  Types of annuity or retirement program options, services, employer and employee
         contributions, and other items regarding desired annuity/retirement fringe benefits.

     The Institutional Development Committee will be responsible for reviewing the survey results, and shall
     submit copies of the results to employees and the administration.

     STEP II

     By November 1 of each odd numbered year, the Institutional Development Committee shall conduct an evaluation
     of the current term health and annuity programs through a subjective staff evaluation of benefits and
     services; the Human Resources Office shall conduct an objective evaluation (benefits paid to employees, total
     claims paid, claims loss experience, total premiums paid, onsite services delivered, total individual and
     other reports submitted by the current insuring agency or representative, total deductible contributions,
     types of claims processed, total participation in programs, annuity program contributions and interest to
     date, and other items identified as significant data from which to conduct an overall evaluation report).
     The overall report shall be filed with the Administration for review.


     By November 15 of each odd numbered year, the Human Resources Office shall review assessment and evaluational
     data received in STEPS I and II and draft initial bid specifications for the Health and Annuity programs,
     with specifications indicating types of coverage and benefits, deductibles, individual and family coverages,
     limitations, types of services, and other appropriate specification details; the committee shall review a
     minimum of five (50 alternative insurance company specifications in documenting this item.  The draft of
     specifications shall be submitted to employees (staff, administration) for review and comment.

     STEP IV

     By December 1 of each odd numbered year, the Human Resources Office shall submit updated specifications
     through the committee and administrative process to acquire final approval of the specifications.  The
     Director of the Human Resources Office will submit approved specifications to the Institutional Development
     Committee for review and approval.  The Institutional Development Committee will submit recommendations to
     the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye (and subsequently through other administrative or committee channels as
     established by Oglala Lakota College).  If necessary, the Institutional Development Committee may acquire
     consultant resources to assist and advise them during the review.

     STEP V

     By January 1 of each even numbered year, the President shall acquire the services of a competent insurance
     consultant to implement established insurance bidding processes; the consultant shall be responsible for
     submission of approved specifications to a minimum of five (5) insurance companies; and for developing a
     finalized matrix of the costs, coverages, limitations, and services of all insurance companies submitting
     bids; in addition, the consultant shall document recommendations as to selection of approval of the company
     offering those items most consistent with specifications.  The consultant shall submit completed items to
     the Institutional Development Committee, Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye, and the President by March 1 of each even
     numbered year.

     STEP VI

     By April 28 of each even numbered year, the Board of Trustees shall select the annual Health and Annuity
     program for employees, following a review of the recommendations through the Institutional Development
     Committee, Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye, and the President.  A copy of the approved Health and Annuity Program
     for the ensuing term shall be disseminated to all college personnel by May 5 of even numbered years with an
     up-to-date summary of total employee annuity and benefits reports from the preview term.


     All employee contracts will reflect the specific fringe benefits to be received by each employee and the
     funding amount of the fringe benefits to be received on an annual basis.  Health and/or life insurance and
     annuities will be considered under the term "fringe benefits."  Insurance, annuities and other such benefits
     will be available to all employees on an equitable basis.


     It shall be the responsibility of the Human Resources Director to respond to individual employee concerns
     and grievances regarding Health and Annuity program services.  Employees not satisfied or having a grievance
     regarding individual concerns about their individual health and annuity services may bring their grievances
     to the Institutional Development Committee, following the exhaustion of administrative procedures; the
     Institutional Development committee may recommend actions to assist in the resolution of an employee's
     annuity or health program grievances in this instance.

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