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                                              OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE
                                                   P.O. BOX 490
                                            KYLE, SOUTH DAKOTA  57751

     Dear _____________________________:

     I am happy to inform you that your current contract with Oglala Lakota College will be extended for another
     college year at the annual salary shown below.

     You are herby appointed to serve as ___________________________________

     Please indicate your acceptance of this proposal on the enclosed copy and return to me within 10 days.
     Should your acceptance be delayed beyond 10 days, this proposal will be subjuct to cancellation.

                                                                            Cordially yours,


       Annual Taxable Cash Salary: $                    Adjustments in Group Social security
          Supplemental Retirement: $                    base figures and contribution rates
                     Basic Salary: $                    will mean adjustments in these figures
     College Annuity Contribution: $                    if additional federal legislation takes
              Social Security Tax: $                    effect.
                   Life Insurance: $
           Group Health Insurance: $

        TOTAL Salary and Benefits: $
     I hereby accept the terms of my contract for the college year ___________ as stated above.

     ____________________________________   Date:__________________

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