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                                         EMPLOYEE TIME SHEETS (PROCEDURE)

     A.  All employee time sheets are to be turned in to the Business Office by Monday 4:30 p.m. of pay week.

     B.  All people who are responsible for submitting time sheets to the Business Office (supervisors, etc.)
         should set a specific day or portion of a day (Friday or Monday before pay day) to process time sheets
         to insure that  all time sheets are processed.

     C.  All supervisors shall clarify this procedure with their respective personnel.

     D.  Any penalizing should be imposed upon those people who are responsible for late time sheets, e.g. staff
         should not have to suffer the penalty of a late check if it is determined that it was the supervisor who
         was responsible for the late time sheet.

     E.  The Business Office is to maintain all records for time and attendance and payroll for the college.

     F.  The attached time sheet is to be utilized for reporting time and attendance.  The timesheet is to record
         all direct hours worked and vacation, sick leave and other absences (excused or unexcused) for the
         reporting period.

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