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                                       BOT 12-02, 8-21-03, 11-24-03, 12-20-03, 12-25-05
                                 SICK LEAVE (POLICY)
Oglala Lakota College shall maintain an Annual and Sick Leave Program that is 
consistent in the maintenance of good employee relationship and morale. Such a program 
will also be consistent with federal fair employment practice.
Oglala Lakota College employees, including full-time faculty, shall earn sick leave at the 
rate of four hours per full pay period.  Such leave can be taken for reasons of the staff 
memberís personal health as well as their immediate family, (biological children, spouse, 
legal guardians, parents, grandparents and legal dependents. Temporary, or part-time 
employees do not earn sick leave.  Sick leave taken in excess of two days at any one time 
will be supported by a written statement from one practicing physician substantiating the 
fact that Oglala Lakota College employee was under care or observation. The supervisor 
is granted the authority to waive the provision depending on the extenuating 
circumstances.   No salary will be paid for such sick leave that is not properly supported. 
Advances of sick leave may be made only upon formal approval of the President.  Such 
leave can be taken only for reasons of the staff member's personal health.
1.   Notification of Illness
     Notification of absence for illness shall be given to the employee's immediate supervisor 
     prior to 9:00 a.m. for the day involved, unless, on the judgment of the supervisor, the 
     circumstances surrounding such absence made reporting before normal starting time 
     impossible, in which event such report must be made as soon thereafter as is possible.
2.   Advanced Sick Leave
     Employees requesting sick leave will be required to submit their signed request with good 
     and sufficient reasons supported by a medical certification from their doctor.  The request 
     must be approved by the supervisor and the President before such advance will be 
3.   Limit Per Contract Year on Advanced Sick Leave
     No more than 40 hours will be advanced on sick leave per contract year. Advance sick 
     leave must be paid back within the contract year.
4.   Donated Sick Leave
     An employee may donate sick leave to another employee under the following conditions:
     a.   Request must have doctor's statement attached for the period employee will 
          be off work due to an illness.
     b.   Employees must use up their annual and sick leave before they can request 
          donated sick leave.
     c.   Donated sick leave is for sick leave in excess of 10 days only.
     d.   Donated sick leave is restricted to 40 days per contract year. After the forty 
          days, the employee must apply for OLC disability insurance plan. 
     e.   Only OLC employees who have excess of 80 hours of sick leave can donate 
          to other OLC employees for the amount they have in excess of 80 hours.
     f.   When the employee returns to work, any unused sick leave is returned to the 
          employees who donated sick leave.
     g.   A sign up sheet for employees to donate sick leave to another employee does 
          not occur until the Supervisor forwards the request to the President for final approval.

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