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                                  EXTENDED LEAVE OF ABSENCE WITHOUT PAY (POLICY)

     A.  Requirements

         1.  There will be no compensation for an employee on extended leave of absence without pay.  The leave
             will not exceed a period of twelve (12) months.

         2.  Extended Leave Without Pay is open to full-time employees only, (full-time faculty, and full-time
             staff).  For maternity leave see policy 62-005.

         3.  ELWOP is dependent upon approval from the Board of Trustees.

         4.  Employees applying for ELWOP must not be on conditional contract nor should they owe money to the

         5.  While on ELWOP, the employee may elect to continue the Health Insurance at his/her own expense as
             long as it does not violate the policy of the group health insurance carrier.

         6.  No other benefit will be paid for an employee while on ELWOP.

         7.  The period of absence will not count toward the employee's total years of work experience at Oglala
             Lakota College.  Re-entry is at the next appropriate pay scale from where they left.

         8.  Employees on ELWOP are guaranteed the same position on returning to Oglala Lakota College.

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