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                                                                              BOT 08-22-18
                       PREGNANCY/FAMILY LEAVE (POLICY)
A.   Pregnancy/Maternity Leave:
Employees will report pregnancy as soon as possible so health can be safeguarded and 
plans can be made for temporary replacements. Paid Pregnancy/Maternity Leave shall not 
exceed 20 working days (4 weeks). As part of the Paid Pregnancy/Maternity Leave, an 
employee can use part or all of the 20 working days for the period from the first day that 
a doctor orders bed rest up until the birth of a child. Any of the Pregnancy/Maternity 
leave that is left after birth of a child must be taken immediately following pregnancy and 
entitles an employee of up to 12 weeks of maternity leave that can be a combination of 
available Pregnancy/Maternity leave, annual leave, sick leave, or leave without pay. 
Pregnancy/Maternity Leave is separate from annual and sick leave and will be 
compensated at the employee's regular salary. Health insurance will be paid for an 
employee who is on unpaid leave and has completed the probationary period. To be 
eligible for maternity leave, an employee must successfully pass the probationary period.
B.   Paternity Leave:
Paternity Leave will be granted upon request to the immediate supervisor within the first 
three (3) months after the birth of his legally dependent child for a period not to exceed 
two (2) weeks or 80 hours.  This leave will be without pay. To be eligible for paternity 
leave, an employee must successfully pass the probationary period. 

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