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                                                               Revised BOT 1-20-05, 9-20-07, 09-30-10

                                           ANNUAL LEAVE (POLICY)

Oglala Lakota College shall maintain an Annual Leave program that is consistent with the maintenance of 
good employee relationship and morale.  Such a program will also be consistent with federal fair 
employment practices.

A.  Oglala Lakota College employees shall earn annual leave at the rate of four hours per full pay period 
    if employed by Oglala Lakota College for three years or less, six hours per full pay period if employed 
    by Oglala Lakota College for more than three consecutive years, and eight hours per full pay period if 
    employed by Oglala Lakota College for more than fifteen consecutive years.

    1.  Honorable military service of at least twenty-four (24) continuous months, properly supported and 
        documented, shall be creditable as employment by Oglala Lakota College for the purpose of 
        computing annual leave earned.  Annual Leave is earned from the date of appointment.

    2.	This policy of accrual of annual leave will not affect those employees on staff up-grade.

    3.	No employee shall earn annual leave on the basis of employment at any agency other than the 

    4.	Only non-faculty employees hired to fill full time permanent position can earn annual leave. 

    5.	In the first ninety (90) days of the probationary period, a new employee may not use accrued 
        annual leave.  When a current employee is hired for a new position within the college, he or she is 
        placed on probationary status related to the new position.  During this probationary period, 
        however, the employee will not lose the right to use annual leave already accumulated during 
        employment in the previous college position.

    6.	Contract employees may carry forty (40) hours of unused annual leave over into the next contract 
        year.  Career employees may carry annual leave accrued into the next fiscal year.  A career 
        employee terminated or released may receive his annual leave as a lump sum payment.

    7.	Full-time faculty do not earn annual leave.  However, full-time faculty will be allowed 5 days of 
        personal leave per semester.  This leave must be approved by the department chair of the faculty 
        member before the leave is taken.  If classes are missed, they must be made up.  Classes missed 
        and not covered will cause a deduction in pay at an approved rate.  Faculty members who move 
        to a staff position may carry over a maximum of 40 hours of their personal leave to annual 

    8.	Annual Leave and personal leave must be approved in advance by the supervisor and may be 
        denied if working conditions do not permit the absence of the employee without jeopardizing the 

    9.	When an employee leaves a staff position to accept a faculty position, sick leave can be carried 
        forward to a new contract but annual leave not used prior to the end of a staff contract cannot be 
        carried forward and is lost.

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