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                                           SABBATICAL LEAVE (PROCEDURE)

     A.  The employee must submit a formal plan detailing the research, course of study or other experience to
         the employees' immediate supervisor no later than the end of the fall semester of the academic year
         preceding the year for which sabbatical leave is requested.

     B.  The employee's supervisor will forward the application and action plan with recommendations to the
         President.  Upon the President's approval, the request will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees.

     C.  The immediate supervisor will ensure that adequate replacement for the employee is available while the
         employee is on Sabbatical Leave.

     D.  In the event of more than one employee submitting for Sabbatical Leave at one time, the Board of Trustees
         will give preference on the basis of benefit to the college and to the reservation and secondly, on the
         basis of years of service to Oglala Lakota College.

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