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                                            SABBATICAL LEAVE (POLICY)

     A.  Definition

         1.  Sabbatical Leave is defined as a period of time granted to an employee in reward for extended years
             of service to Oglala Lakota College, during which the employee will pursue research, a formal plan
             of study, or other experience which will benefit themselves and the college.

     B.  Compensation

         1.  Compensation while on Sabbatical will be half time salary of the employee for one academic year,
             dependant on fund availability.

     C.  Requirements

         1.  Sabbatical Leave is open to full time employees only (full time faculty and full time staff) and
             does not exceed twelve months.
         2.  The employee applying for Sabbatical Leave must have worked at the College for six consecutive years
             and be in good standing.  (S/he must not be on conditional contract or owe any money to the College.)
         3.  Sabbatical Leave is dependent upon approval from the Board of Trustees.
         4.  The employee must submit a formal plan detailing the research, course of study or other experience
             which will benefit the College and him/herself for the time period to be covered by the sabbatical.
         5.  If the applicant will take full time paid employment during his/her absence, he/she must request
             ELWOP for the period in question.
         6.  Full fringe benefits and annuities will be paid at the normal rate while the employee is on
             sabbatical leave.
         7.  Sabbatical Leave will be counted as part of the employee's total and consecutive years of service
             at Oglala Lakota College.
         8.  The employee is expected to return to Oglala Lakota College for a minimum of one contract year at
             the end of the Sabbatical Leave.  Non-adherence to this policy will constitute a breach of employment
             contract with Oglala Lakota College and any salary received from Oglala Lakota College during the
             sabbatical leave must be paid back.
         9.  Final approval of Sabbatical Leave guarantees the same position on returning to Oglala Lakota

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