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                                            COMPENSATORY TIME (POLICY)

     A.  Compensatory Time must be based on hours worked per work week (from Saturday to Friday) and work
         performed in addition to regular required hours or duty as ordered and approved in advance by the
         supervisor.  The employee or staff must agree in writing prior to the work to be performed in addition
         to regular hours to take time and a half leave as opposed to being compensated time and a half.

     B.  Compensatory Time cannot be forfeited if not used within a certain time period.

     C.  Compensatory Time must be recorded in a separate record and recorded within the work week as opposed to
         being recorded on the bi-weekly time sheets.

     D.  Compensatory Time must be paid to any employee who has accumulated compensatory time at the rate of time
         and a half payment upon resignation, termination or otherwise leaving employment with the Oglala Lakota

     E.  Compensatory Time policy does not apply to the President, Vice-Presidents, Faculty, Director of Centers
         or Programs, the Registrar, or Financial Aid Director.

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