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Full-time faculty will be allowed 5 days of combined consulting and professional leave per semester.  
Consulting/Professional Leave may not be carried over from one academic year to another.

Guidelines for Consulting Leave: 
   1.   OLC faculty and administrators may be compensated above base salary for consulting work under 
        the following conditions: 
        a.   consultation is across departmental lines;
        b.   work performed is in addition to his/her regular departmental workload;
        c.   the vice-president from who division the consultant is drawn indicates permission based 
             on (a) and (b) above and that consulting will not interfere in scheduled duties.
   2.   OLC faculty and administrators may be assigned to consulting activities as part of their duties 
        in which case no additional compensation will be provided but the consultant's workload will be 
        reduced to permit the consulting duties.
   3.   Consulting for Oglala Sioux agencies or organizations is encouraged and administrative leave may 
        be granted to OLC members in which case any compensation provided to the employee must be given 
        to the college as dual compensation is not permitted.
   4.   Administrators or faculty members may consult for agencies or organizations not affiliated with 
        the Oglala Sioux Reservation with approved administrative leave being granted. It is understood 
        that per diem and other expenses associated with the consulting duties are not the responsibility 
        of the college.
   5.   Any OLC employee agreeing to perform consulting work or being assigned to consulting duties by 
        the college must file a report on the duties performed, compensation and nature of time involved 
        with the appropriate vice-president.
   6.   Any OLC employee wishing to perform consulting duties must receive permission from his/her 
        immediate supervisor and divisional head. Requests should include detailed descriptions of the 
        work to be performed and a description of how the consulting can be done while normal duties are 
        being performed.

Guidelines for Professional Leave:

   1.	Professional leave is specifically for faculty members to attend professional conferences, present 
        research in a professional setting (i.e. conference, public hearing, or community presentation), 
        or to conduct research within their professional fields in accordance with departmental and OLC 
   2.	Faculty members must submit a formal written request for professional leave to their department 
        chair for approval at least two weeks prior to taking professional leave. Approval from department 
        chair is required in order to take professional leave. 

   3.	Faculty members must provide documentation, such as meeting registration receipts or conference 
        programs, to confirm participation in said activities. 


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