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A.      Reasons
1.   Reduction in force resulting in the termination of staff personnel may occur for any 
of the following reasons:
a.   the college is faced with a justifiable lack of work.
b.   the college of staff person's curriculum, service or support program area has 
experienced declining participation due to identifiable lack of need.
c.   funds are not justifiably available to support the staff persons curriculum, service or 
support program.
d.   a major, justifiable change occurs in the staff person's curriculum, service or 
support program.
B.     Provisions Concerning Reductions in Force
1.  If it becomes apparent that reduction in force is necessary, the administration will 
develop and present a plan to the Board of Trustees for approval. A decision to reduce 
force at the college must be made by the Board of Trustees before any reduction in force 
action begins. 

2. Staff employed by the College may be subject to reduction in forces for any or a 
combination of any of the reasons previously stated.  The Board recognizes that the 
college, within these factors, may have no alternative but to curtail or delete certain 
programs, or portions of programs at the same time that other programs are being 
retained, expanded or added depending upon the legitimate educational needs of the 
community.  Programs and services most necessary to meet the needs of the students and 
community, consistent with in philosophy and mission of the college, are to be of highest 
priority when reduction in forces is being considered. 
3.  As soon as the Board of Trustees has approved a reduction in force plan, all staff of 
the affected College Department or Program will be notified in person.  Following this, 
the Personnel Director shall attempt to reduce layoffs by accepting retirements, 
resignations, transfers, extended leaves and other types of normal attrition.

In addition, priority in retaining positions will be given to full-time over part-time 
personnel in those programs affected.  Furthermore, staff persons shall be given the 
opportunity to move into other areas in the College where there may be vacancies for 
which they are qualified.  Also, staff persons shall be given the opportunity to upgrade 
themselves into vacant positions providing that such persons are reasonably qualified to 
do so, and the College can accommodate such a move. 
4.  When staff reduction cannot be satisfied by the above methods and the qualifications 
and abilities of staff in the affected area are relatively equal, seniority shall be the 
determining factor in considering who shall be reduced.  The most recently employed 
staff shall be reduced first and additional reductions shall proceed in that order.        
5.  In any future vacancies of the college for which staff persons need to be hired, those 
positions for which the reduced staff are qualified shall be offered to those staff who were 
reduced last and continue to be offered through the list of those who were reduced first.  
All reduced personnel must keep the college informed of their current mailing address in 
order to be eligible for employment as specified in this section.
6.  A staff person who is rehired under procedures (5 d) shall have the benefits or 
longevity, salary and fringe benefits reinstated.

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