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                                    EMPLOYEE COMPLAINTS AND GRIEVANCES POLICY

     The Oglala Lakota College Board of Trustees shall provide employees with guidelines and procedures for use
     in fairly and legally resolving problems that arise from any practice, condition of employment, situations
     or events, or other performance or personnel matters that affect or interrupt employees' delivery of
     contracted services.  The established complaints and grievance procedures shall include both formal and
     informal procedures, and shall ensure fair, equitable, legal, consistent, and timely processing of employee

     Employees shall be responsible for the initiation of complaints and grievance procedures to resolve work
     difficulties; failure to use established procedures shall constitute a violation of the employee contract
     agreement that may result in disciplinary action.  A major focus of the employee grievance and complaints
     procedure shall be to resolve difficulties at the lowest administrative level.

     If the employee chooses not to appeal an appealable sanction, the action and sanction shall become final
     without further proceedings or notice to the employee.  An appeal shall not stay or delay the effective date
     of the sanction specified in the notice of the disciplinary action.

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