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                                                                                                      BOT 12-21-02

                                          PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT (POLICY)

     Administrative Professional Staff

     In order to encourage staff members to increase their leadership skills to provide training for maintaining
     an adequate supply of supervisory and managerial personnel, the college shall have a leadership development
     training program provided that funds are available.  The President is authorized to set up and maintain such
     a program.

     Staff Development

     1.  Oglala Lakota College recognizes the need for ongoing staff/faculty development to help maintain a high
         quality of education for its students.

     2.  Oglala Lakota College recognizes the need for not only academic and technological training, but for
         cultural training to aid staff/faculty in gaining a better understanding of its students and their

     3.  Oglala Lakota College will promote and foster staff development through educational leave and in-service
         training, provided that funds are available.

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