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                                                                               BOT 03-28-13

                                          AND SEMINARS


1.   This policy applies to full time faculty.  Adjuncts are eligible for funding to improve 
     their pedagogy.   
2.   Funding will be made available for faculty to attend continuing education for:
     a.   The content area that they are teaching.
     b.   Pedagogy.

3.   Continuing education is defined as seminars, workshops, forums, professional meetings, 
     individual college classes and conferences that the faculty member’s main purpose of 
     attending is to learn, not to present.
4.   Faculty members are eligible for up to $2000.00 per academic year dependent on the 
     availability of funds.  The Committee prioritizes funding in this order; 1st.  Tuition 
     reimbursement. 2nd.  Group Faculty Events. 3rd. Individual development.  Applicants are 
     required to seek other funding (grants or department) and use Faculty Development 
     funding when no other source is available.
5.   The member receiving funding may be required to present information to the faculty at a 
     meeting or faculty retreat.
6.   The Faculty Development Committee only makes recommendations on the expenditures 
     of moneys.  The Committee’s recommendation is not a guarantee of payment.  All 
     applicable College policies on training and travel must still be followed.


1.   Individuals desiring funding will complete an application.  Available at 
2.   The completed application and a copy of information from the event (pamphlet, brochure, 
     web announcement, etc.) is to be sent to the faculty development committee’s E-mail at 
3.   The committee meets a minimum of once a month on all-staff.  To ensure timely response 
     make sure the information is submitted 4 weeks before the event.
4.   The committee will send a recommendation to the Vice President of Instruction.
5.   If the request is for payment of a college class the applicant must provide proof of 
     completion.  The payment will be in the form of reimbursement when the class has been 
     successfully completed.

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